When surfing the Pintrestsphere for things to try on Pintrest Intrest I came across these towels! I don't know about anyone else but I have a huge issue with my towel on my oven always falling down after doing a quick hand dry or opening up the oven to check on my food that is baking; this is probably the most annoying thing in my kitchen! I have seen these hanging towels for sale in stores before but never wanted to pay for something that I was pretty sure could be hand made, I just never had the time to make a pattern and attempt this. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this pin WITH A PATTERN!!!! I am warning you that I have changed this design up a little bit, so if you want to end up with what the picture to the left looks like then click on the link on the picture to the original pin! :)


Things you will need: 
1 towel
1/2 of a yard of coordinating fabric ( you won't use the full 1/2 yard but this is just in case there is a mess up)
1 button
The first thing that you will do is, make the towel to be 6 inches wide, if it is a little bit less that is fine but it can't be bigger or it won't fit into the pattern. One thing that we didn't do before we started into this project is cut the trim off of the part that is going to go into the pattern, by doing this it will be a lot easier to pass through the sewing machine! Once you have gotten your towel ready you will pass a needle and thread through the top of the towel to give it pleated look. 
Once you have done this it is time for you to print out the pattern that is provided and cut out the fabric. We folded the fabric over so that the pattern was the exact same. Then place the two pieces with the right sides facing in. The instructions get a little bit confusing here...they imply that you need to stick the towel into the pattern and sew it in. However this makes one corner really bulking when sewing. So what should be done instead is sew the pattern around without the towel in the pattern. Hint: It makes it a lot easier if you pin the two pieces together so that they don't move. 
You will then need to sew the two pieces together. Going through it just one time will be enough because this part isn't holding anything up, just closing it up! :) Once you have sewn through the pattern you will need to turn it right side out. 

After completing that step you will need to attach the towel. All you need to do is stick the towel up about an inch into the pattern; this is so it will be sturdier to use on a daily basis. When sewing this part you need to make sure that your pleats in the towel stays, this gives it a nicer touch, you will also want to go over this part multiple times to ensure sturdiness. 
After you have attached the towel you only have one more step! Now in the directions it shows that you need to make a button hole...however in my mom's trusty jar of buttons we found an overall hood! Being that country chic seems to be the household style going on today I thought that would be a better (and easier) touch as opposed to making a button hole! You can find overall hooks at JoAnn's or Michael's and maybe even Walmart! So instead of making a button hold we wove the fabric through the overall hook and sewed on a button to match our towel! And voila! I present a Hanging Hand Towel! :) 
Have you tried the hanging hand towel? How'd yours turn out?! Let me know in the comment box below! 

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