Hello ladies and gents! I don't know about you but I LOVE Arnold Palmers! I think that they
are one of the most refreshing drinks you can have on a summer day with a mix of
sweet tea and lemonade. For my first drink recipe I wanted to find something
that is refreshing for summertime and something that I have never tried before!
:)  As always, to see the original pin click on the picture. The sad part about this pin is that when you go to the link there are no reviews on how it tastes, it just shows the recipe and it's up to you to determine whether or not to test it out. Well that is a problem no more! I'm always here to help out so if you love Arnold Palmers as much as I do and you want to know how this drink tastes keep on reading!
How To make Fat Tuesday Iced Tea

The recipe of the original pin gives the measurements for just one drink, but I never drink alone! So I adjusted the recipe to serve about 10 people. To start off you will need the following items; sweet tea, lemonade, and any type of Citrus vodka, I used Pinnacle Citrus; as shown below.
The steps are probably the easiest of all drinks I've ever made! All you do is combine the three ingredients! I decided to layer the drinks as follows: sweet tea, then vodka, then lemonade. Because I'm Italian I guesstimated on the measurements until the combination tasted good; however if you are a stickler on measurements the easiest thing to do is multiply the original measurements by 10 (ORIGINAL RECIPE CALLED FOR: 2 oz. Citrus Vodka, 1 oz. Lemonade, and 3 oz. Sweet Tea) I also added ice to the pitcher to get the Fat Tuesday Iced Tea cold as quickly as possible for taste testing!
If you are a fan of Arnold Palmers, Sweet Tea, or Lemonade then you will LOVE this drink! It is the perfect summertime refreshment on those hot afternoons! Be careful though! It is so tasty that this drink has the capability of sneaking up on you!

Alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by those of legal age, if you are not of legal drinking age then leave
out the alcohol and just enjoy the classic Arnold Palmer! Your time will come to
add the kick, until then enjoy the simple things! :)

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