So here is a pin that I have been wanting to try for a long time but haven't had a reason to do it... until now! I have seen a lot of reviews about this art project, some that look beautiful like the one on the left and some that look like a big mess with an ugly mud brown color...So needless to say I was a little bit nervous about starting this project and how the outcome would be.

How To Make Crayon Art on Canvas
The first thing that I did to start this project is take out all of the 96 Crayola crayons. I picked Crayola because I know that they are a good sturdy crayon, well, as sturdy as crayons can be! Plus they have the pretty and bright colors.

After I took all of the crayons out I separated the crayons based on colors. Then I put the crayons in a line from red to purple; I included every single crayon in the box so that it would be in the right shade order; my OCD came out a little bit on this project...once in the right order I removed any shades that were almost identical so that the crayons would fit onto the canvas. I also removed the wrappers from all of the crayons that I was going to use before mounting them to the canvas.

I wanted to do more than the standard melted crayon so I used some electrical tape and made a monogram. I was a little bit concerned using the tape because it kept pulling up..but I kept it on there for the sake of the project. I used Krazy Glue to mount the crayons from red to yellow...and then I ran out of Krazy Glue..so I used Sobo craft and fabric glue. This worked just as well as the Krazy Glue so I will probably just use that for the whole project next time. When I got the red, orange, and yellow crayons on I was so excited to try the project out that I started blow drying before I went digging for my craft glue! I was a little unsure of the best way to go about melting the crayons so I tried several different angles and found that the 2 best ways to melt the crayons is to hold the blow dryer either directly above the canvas or directly in front of the crayons. I also found that the crayons tend to just drip straight down instead of filling out like all of the pictures show; so I then took the blow dryer and started blowing around the wax that had melted onto the canvas. Below are pictures of my first experience melting crayons!

Sadly, the electrical tape did not work out like I had hoped...when I started working on the rest of the colors the tape was blowing off and crayon was going where I didn't want it to go so I said forget it and took the tape off. Once I did this it was a MUCH more enjoyable project to work on...If you are dying to have a part of your art blocked out I would suggest taping/gluing a paper cut out of what you want put onto the canvas instead of just using electrical tape! Below is a gallery of the rest of the project and my finished product! Overall I would say that this is a fun and easy project to do. If you are a babysitter/nanny for children around 8 and up I would definitely suggest this as a fun activity for the kids to do! It is a low mess highly creative activity for anyone!
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