I am going to start this post off by apologizing for the lack of pictures on this blog. I couldn't take them while working out but I can definitely give you a review of this workout! 

By far this is a daunting task of a workout! Just looking at it makes you break a sweat, and makes others feel like it's just about impossible! Well let me tell you that it isn't impossible, but it is by far the hardest workout I have ever done. If you are looking to get into shape then this is definitely a workout that you will want to incorporate into your weekly workout! After the first set I was sweating and breathing heavy...of course I'm not in the best shape of my life...but even people who are in tip top shape should be breathing heavy by the third set! 

I did this workout by taking 30 second breaks in between the jumping jacks, crunches, wall sit, leg lifts and push ups and then I took a 1 minute break in between the sets. Instead of doing an 11 minute run I did an 11 minute walk around my neighborhood which was one lap for me so it worked out well! Like the bottom line says, you will feel invincible after completing this workout! 

We have all seen the workouts on Pintrest and
 wondered how effective is this
ACTUALLY going to be? The first workout that I
 thought actually looked like it
may be challenging was the "300 Abs Workout"
 promising to give you the abs of
the men in 300. Now ladies, I know that while those
abs look nice it's
not our ideal body image which is why this post is
dedicated to the men of
Pintrest! The video below is demonstrating how the
moves are to be done and the
effectiveness of the workout!