WOW! This blogging thing is a LOT harder to keep up on than I thought! Sorry that my posts are coming SO INCREDIBLY LATE! I am catching up today and I am going to be a LOT better about staying on top of this! I have some interesting pins to bring you all!

So I found this pin about hair removal and with summer being here I thought this would be the perfect pin to try! Especially if it worked, which I figured it would since a GUY is using it! Pretty rare for Pintrest pins! The description stated that you wouldn't have to shave for a week after using this scrub!

The recipe for the scrub is 2 tables spoons of coffee grounds mixed with one 
tables spoon of baking soda but when I mixed this it was very messy to put
onto my leg and it was basically doing nothing so I added one tablespoon of
water as well. But the mix still didn't look like a scrub for hair removal so I
added 2 more tables spoons of water and one
more tablespoon of baking soda which made it a lot easier to apply!
Once I made the adjustments to the scrub it was time to apply! As you can see below I patted a thin layer onto my leg and at first I wasn't really sure how to go about it so I left it sitting on my leg for about a minute; however when I didn't feel anything happening like a tingle or burn I decided that I would rub it into my leg...
After scrubbing for about 5 minutes and feeling nothing I decided that I would wipe off the scrub..Sadly this is just another recipe that someone made up to trick us into thinking we might have an easy shaving season! Here are the results!